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Sinking and First Dive on the Nemesis III in Cyprus

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Diving centers in Cyprus, together with municipalities, Cyprus Tourism Office and the European community have bought 4 old boats in order to sink them and create artificial reefs. The first boat of the series, named Nemesis III was sunken on December 20st, 2013, just before Christmas, off the coast of Protaras. Many boats were around to celebrate the event. It was an important event for Cyprus as it will help to bring tourists to the island. Tourism is one of Cyprus main income source.

The Nemesis III rests now in front of Golden Coast Harbor in Protaras at a depth of 23 meters/75 feet. The fishing boat length is 25 meters/82 feet.

The photo equipment used underwater was:

Above the sea, same Nikon D300 camera with the Nikon 18-200VR2 lens.

Footage, images and editing: Michel Braunstein


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