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Freediving with Sharks – Lesley Rochat

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Lesley Rochat is an award winning photographer, filmmaker, conservationist, activist, writer, poet and speaker. She’s successful in all she does. This beautiful lady has a great mind; she chose to use her wide knowledge and skills to be a conservationist rather than a successful well-paid insurance advisor.

She discovered the beauty of the sharks and the importance of the over-fished predator to the good balance of the oceans and decided to fight for their protection. Her nickname is the ”Shark Warrior”.

Sharks in Deep Trouble

Here under, one of Lesley Rochat’s older but still shocking movie.


Lesley had a talk at the famous TEDx. See her lecture here under. How not to become addict to her cause after hearing her talking?


This tireless woman has created “AfriOceans Conservation Alliance” to promote sustainable marine conservation and the “AfriOceans Warriors” to educate the youth and take action for the oceans. Among numerous campaigns she has launched to protect the sharks, there was a strong one against shark nets, which could be seen all around the world, where Lesley did not hesitate to get undressed and pose naked underwater as if she was a shark trapped by the net.

Rethink the Shark Another striking awareness campaign named “Rethink the Shark” was created in three different versions. In each clip, swimmers run out of the sea toward the beach after they think they see a shark fin getting closer. Eventually, following the version, you can see a floating chair, kite surf or toaster. The message which appears at the end is: “Last year, 652 people were killed by chairs… 4 by sharks. Rethink the shark”.

Freediving with Sharks

In her newest clip produced once again to try to modify peoples’ bad feeling against sharks, Lesley is free-diving with no fear, together with the lord of the ocean.

How can you help the sharks cause and have fun?

Buy one of Lesley underwater images, book her for a talk or find out more about Lesley’s work go to: AND to dive with great white sharks or cowsharks or buy a Shark Warrior t-shirt go to:

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