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Phototeam.Pro – Extreme Underwater Photography Projects

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

She is participating to film and photo projects organized by Russian team Phototeam.Pro led by the Great photographer, Viktor Lyagushkin, Russian National Geographic Photographer, Nikon Official Photographer and Subal Team Photographer. Viktor is assisted by his dearest wife Bogdana Vashchenko also known as “Snow Kitty”, professional cave divers and scientists.

All together, they are organizing fascinating and unique projects in the most extreme conditions.

Viktor has recently created an amazing 3D cave spherical panorama. The team has also published a splendid book including amazing pictures of the underwater Orda Cave.

The documentary “On the Edge”, hereunder shows Natalia and Viktor at work. You can see how Natalia is listening so carefully to Viktor’s explanations and how she can get concentrated in the hardest conditions, always with a delicate smile on her face and a lot of humor. It also shows the failing experiences. The shots are not always good at the first time or Natalia’s body does not accept each time to be in such hard conditions. It’s a very emotional documentary that must be seen. The movie is in Russian with English captions.

In the following documentary (in English), we can see the team before and during the “Lady of the Orda Cave” shooting session.


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