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Underwater photographer, Jason Isley, mixes toy figures with fish in surreal underwater scenes

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Underwater photographer Jason Isley imagine some fun art pictures. After having practiced underwater photography for long and on many kinds of subjects, Jason Isley, originally from the UK, had the brilliant idea of creating surrealistic scenes by joining human figures to underwater life. Isley is one of the co-founder of, a known professional underwater photography website.

Jason has probably been inspired by some comics and/or science fiction movies. The results are stunning and hilarious. In order to create such images, you need a lot of patience combined with a great knowledge of the sea animal comportment.

Of course we usually don’t like to have the fishes being disturbed. In this case, the pictures show that even if the figures have been posed not far from the creatures, they didn’t disturb them and didn’t destroy anything around either. So we are happy to admire such a big creativity done with the respect of the environment.

Jason said: ‘Most of the scenes are shot on sand and the figures have either nails or coins glued to their feet. This prevents the current and surge taking them away, not to mention the fish grabbing them a few times.

Sunbathers, workers and soldiers appear in the pictures, appreciate by yourselves…

More pictures can be seen in Jason Isley’s Flickr gallery


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