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Dead Sea Diving in ScubaDiver AustralAsia – Issue #3-2013

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

ScubaDiver AustralAsia has published one of my Dead Sea underwater pictures on a double page, in the March 2013 issue. I have received it only now because of very sad news. Diego Garcia used to be ScubaDiverAA Chief Editor and was very appreciated. Unfortunately, in the last few months, he lost his wife Niki, in a car accident. Diego’s life has completely changed and he’s no more the magazine editor. I have really appreciated to work with him these last few years. As editor, Diego was very professional, did always the right analysis and gave the best advises. All my condolence to you and to your family, my heart is with you. I will miss you a lot, and I know I’m only one out of many who will miss you. You have accomplished a great work at ScubaDiver AA and at Asian Geographic Magazines.


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