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Diving under the Ice in Russia

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

After the successful campaign Silence of the Sharks organized by David Pilosof in December 2015 in Eilat, the Russian divers wanted to organize their own campaign to protect the sharks. The fact is that Russian waters are pretty different than the Red Sea and especially in the winter!! Pilo and myself then traveled in February 2016 to Sychiki in Russia (at 150km from Moscow), in order to join the Russian divers for their own “protest” dive, in the local lake, under the ice. It was quite impressing to see how they cut the 40 cm thick ice on the lake, then dive in it with a dry suit and looking at this thick and transparent ice from below! After finishing their dives, the Russian divers went into the good Russian banya (wet sauna), then jumped into the freezing lake with 3 degrees Celsius water! And here’s how it all looked like…

Picture (above) of me, diving under the ice, shot by Alexey Mikhin


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