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And if the Sharks were to Disappear…

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

In this documentary, on the French TV channel Canal +, we get a clear explanation what would happen if sharks were to disappear. The entire food chain in the sea would be broken. Today, the food chain is formed on top with super predators, sharks, followed by smaller predators that feed on other predators. Below, there is a level of fish, which number is ruledby the level above and then another layer ruled by the above level. This continues until the base, where there is the plankton, which generates most of our oxygen. If higher levels are not balanced, fish below will breed much more than when the sharks were controlling them. This level fish need more food and the level below will disappear. Again, the level below the last one explodes and eats all the plankton that there is under the sea. This will lead to lack of oxygen in the entire world, no matter where you live or in what you are working. If you destroy the top, you also destroy the bottom, because the ocean is the first lung of the planet. 60 to 80% of our oxygen is produced by the ocean. If this food chain is destroyed, we will all suffer the consequences.


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